Our guest pankaj and family from Bangalore

Chembra experience of pankaj and family from Bangalore

Had a scintillating experience,reaching the highest peak in Wayanad, the Chembra Peak. Located 2100 meters above sea level near the town of Meppadi, it is 8 km away from Kalpetta. It took us almost three hours to reach the top of Chembra. We can have an enchanting scenic view of nature from there. We can […]

Wayanad Churam


It’s a spinechilling experience taking a ride on Thamarassery Ghat roads. The panoramic view of the nature while journeyinng through Thamarassery Ghat and the adventurous hairpins hold you spell bound. Thamarassery Ghat or Thamarassery Churam as it is called in Malayalam is a gateway to wayanad connecting Calicut district with Wayanad district on NH212 . […]

Neelimala view point 2

Neelimala view point is one of the major tourist attractions in the scenic Wayanad. Neelimala, adjacent to Vaduvanchal, is an exceptional venue for trekking and camping and offers lots of exciting trails. From the Neelimala pinnacle you can enjoy an enthralling view of the cascading Meenmutty falls and the gorgeous valley in its forefront. Meenmutti […]



URAVU is a non-government organization working with people, governments and businesses to implement programs for sustainable employment and income generation in rural areas. Uravu is a non-profit trust, established in 1996, registered under the Indian Trusts Act. Uravu promotes social enterprises based on value addition of local, natural resources, especially bamboo, the “green gold”. Uravu […]

Muthanga wildlife sanctuary

Muthanga WildLife Sanctuary is the abode for a wide variety of wildlife and beautiful birds.The Wildlife Species that could be spotted during Wayanad Wildlife Safari include Elephants, Gaur, Cheetal, Dholes, Jackals, Tigers and Otters. Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary occupies a total area of 345 kilometers. It will take a whole day and more for visiting […]

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum

Ambalavayal Heritage Museum is an archeological museum and has a grand collection of rare artifacts dating back to 2nd century. These are evidences of an advanced civilisation that existed in the mountains of Wayanad. At the museum are articles as varied as clay sculptures, ancient hunting equipment, stone weapons and curios. he rare and exquisite […]